Chris Austin

 Past President

   Region: Buffalo

   Organization: University At Buffalo, Parking & Transportation  Services

   Type of work: Director

   Year of Membership: 2006

   Member Position:  Past President

Additional Information:

Chris Austin is the Director of Parking & Transportation Services at the University at Buffalo.  He has 17 years professional management, leadership, and customer service experience in the parking and transportation industries, and a combined 10 years of service on the Board of Parking Directors for the City of Buffalo and New York State Parking Association.  At UB, Chris is part of a leadership team that provides direction and vision for an office and field team of over 120 employees that collectively manages over 16,000 surface parking spaces.  On the transit end, he manages a service budget of $3.5 million, operating a network of buses and shuttles that provides exceptional service and transports in excess of four million passengers annually.

Chris earned a Master’s degree in Communication from the University at Buffalowith research focusing onorganizational support and enhancing employee job satisfaction through encouraging teamwork, empowerment, and recognition of contributions.  


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